23 November 2012 @ 11:17 pm
A conspiracy is nothing but  
Ladies and gentlemen, if we cannot debate that which troubles our society, and more importantly troubles our government, then we cannot in all honesty call ourselves a democracy. If we cannot question our leaders as they embark on what has been called an illegal military action, an action publicly opposed by the United States government and the countries of the United Nations Security Council. If we cannot reasonably and intelligently query about the rightness of an action that appears at heart to be deceitful then we are not a free...
Recently, I began watching BBC Two's The Hour. My reasons were that Ben Whishaw is attractive, Romola Garai is attractive, Dominic West is attractive, Anna Chancellor is attractive, and PERIOD DRAMA. Andrew Scott and Burn Gorman were just cherries on top.

I was a bit wary for the first two or three episodes. It was all over the place. Was it a fun “let's put on a show” drama or a government conspiracy thriller? Frankly, it was only Ben Whishaw's face keeping me watching. However, as the seemingly random plots of “soviets in the BBC” and “promising new programme” fell into place, the overarching, opening lines of “If we cannot debate that which troubles our society, and more importantly troubles our government, then we cannot, in all honesty, call ourselves a democracy” drifted back in order to haunt.

The most despicable thing that someone in a position of authority can do is oppress their charges. The most despicable violation of liberty comes in the form of censorship. It isn't just censorship. Censorship does more than silence. It drives you to fear even thinking outside of approved boundaries. It prevents freedom inside the confines of your own mind.

Oftentimes, direct does not happen. But by telling someone that you are right and anything other than agreement is undesirable for them, you are stopping them from thinking beyond a closed area.

And it is sickening.

It is worse when they deny that they are imprisoning people. They claim to be a light to this dark world, enlightening others, saving them. What enlightenment is there if you're blinding them to everything else?

It is worse still when they know that they are wrong to do so and continue. They cover their shame with even more lies.
Feeling: frustrated