07 November 2012 @ 06:22 pm
Fleeing here in case Tumblr and/or LiveJournal is compromised. Hi. My name is Kathryn. I'm an Asian-American high school student hoping to major in music. I sing and play the cello, and I think up stories that will never be written. For the most part, though, I'm a multi-fandom blogger who fancies herself an intellectual. Then again, I thought so in middle school, so I suppose that could not quite be true. What are labels? INFP, Gryffindor, atheist, Libertarian. Et cetera, et cetera. If you want to see musings of a similar vein, here is my potentially defunct LJ. Hell, this may be a proper move from LJ to DW.
Feeling: blah
Location: asgard
Playing: follies: too many mornings - nathan gunn and audra mcdonald
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